Car Lock Fob Features

Car Lock Fob Features in Phoenix

This luxury accessory, the car lock fob, is becoming more common, as these devices have become more affordable and the demand for these convenient devices have increased.

Key fobs are small remote control devices that work in conjunction with keyless entry systems to provide access to a car, truck or SUV. Keyless entry systems were introduced in the 80s as touch pads on vehicles the owner could use to gain access to the car without a key. Car lock fobs were introduced later to provide an even more convenient keyless entry system for vehicle owners.

There are several ways key fobs can work with a keyless entry system to provide car owners with access to their vehicles. In most cases, the key fob works by sending a special signal to the keyless entry system when activated in range of the vehicle. The signal changes to keep others from impersonating it and gaining access to your vehicle. Your fob and the keyless system are always synchronized so the change in signal doesn’t affect your fob’s functionality.

Most key fobs have a range of about 100 feet, but a common trick to extend the range of the key fob is to hold it against your head when activating it. It is theorized that the water in your body helps boost the signal of the car lock fob.

While the most common feature of a key fob is to lock and unlock your vehicle, the devices also have a variety of other functions that can be of use to their owners. Car lock fobs can be used to start the vehicle, pop the trunk of the vehicle, lower and raise the windows and make the horn sound.

Car lock fobs can provide added safety to car owners by making quick access to their vehicle more readily available. Parking lots provide opportunity for criminals who wish to rob or commit violent crimes against vulnerable motorists walking to their vehicles. Being able to quickly gain entry to your vehicle without fumbling for your keys can help you escape potentially dangerous situations. The horn sounding feature of the key fob can also fend off would-be criminals by drawing attention to your area.

Keyless entry systems are increasingly a standard option on new vehicles. If your vehicle did not come with a keyless entry system, you’ll need to have one installed if you want to enjoy the convenience offered by a key fob.

If you’re looking for after-market installation of a keyless entry system, one of your best bets is a Qualified Locksmith. A good locksmith business like Professional Locksmith in Phoenix can quickly and easily install a keyless entry system in your vehicle and make recommendations concerning what products are the best. They can also help you with a lost car lock fob or to troubleshoot any malfunctions you may be experiencing with your current key fob, such as the fob becoming unsynchronized from the keyless entry system.

By installing a keyless entry system in your vehicle, you can enhance your safety and convenience for a relatively small investment.

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