Criteria for High Security Locks

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When potentials burglar cases your home or business, one of the things that they check out is the security of your entry points, including all doors. Fences can be jumped and doors can be broken down, but with a high security lock and hardware to go with it, you can ensure that your house or place of business remains free from criminals. Certain criteria are necessary in order to classify a lock as high security. The hardware, installation, materials, and additional features all go towards making a lock as high security as possible.

Materials and Hardware

The materials that are the most dependable for locks are the strongest and most resistant. Titanium has been known to be the sturdiest metal that also keeps up well in all types of weather. Steel is another great option because it does not rust and it is almost impossible to cut or break. Locksmiths in Maricopa also use fiberglass and brass when building high security lock and hardware.


Nowadays, you can do projects yourself by getting all the necessary equipment and following instructions. For something like locks, you should turn to a professional since it is a security issue. Installation needs to be done correctly and with the most effective hardware or its entire purpose is defeated. A sloppy installation can make a lock not work at a time when you need it to most. Consider talking to a professional if you have never installed a lock before. If security is a concern, it is worth the time and energy.

Drop Bolt

A drop bolt provides an extra layer of security and peace of mind. When added to a lock, it truly makes for high security measures. A drop bolt extends across a door frame so that in addition to a sturdy lock, an ultra-secure bar of metal can also prevent someone from entering. Even if a lock is picked or cut, the drop bolt can stop even the most experienced criminals from entering.

When it comes to a drop bolt, the longer the bolt extends, the stronger it will be. Just like a lock, it should be in a sturdy, strong metal. Extra long screws can be used to snugly secure it. If  a locksmith works on your drop bolt, be sure to ask if he or she can use longer screws. Consider your environment, too. Screws and bolts can get rusted. Go for a more weather-resistant metal for the hardware if you live in an area with a lot of rain, snow, or other extreme conditions.

In order for a trained eye to be able to say that your locks are high security, you need to assess several factors. Choosing a strong and resistant metal is of high importance. Go for the sturdiest hardware, including extra-long screws for your drop bolt. Even if the lock seems secure, a drop bolt can prevent intruders from accessing your space. Advice from a professional can be the best bet, but following these criteria will help you to gauge whether you have high security locks and hardware.

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