How Often Should You Re-Key Deadbolts?

Re-Key Deadbolts in Phoenix

Deadbolt locks provide added security for homes and businesses, giving these buildings an extra line of defense against burglars and other malicious people who may want to make unauthorized entry. From time-to-time, it may become necessary to re-key the deadbolt to limit access. Locksmiths can re-key deadbolts for a very reasonable price, making this an affordable security option for property owners.

Deadbolts are locks that differ from traditional spring bolt locks commonly found in homes and some businesses. They differ in their mechanical construction, as a deadbolt lock can only be opened by rotating the lock cylinder, whereas the spring bolt lock can be turned by applying pressure to the bolt.

Deadbolts typically come in two varieties – single cylinder locks that have a keyhole on one side and a knob for locking and unlocking the lock on the other, and double cylinder locks that require a key on either end.

Deadbolt locks are often added to homes and other buildings in addition to a spring bolt lock to add an extra layer of defense. As FBI statistics indicate that nearly 66 percent of burglaries involve forced entry, having a deadbolt lock is an effective deterrent, as they are highly resistant to forced entry.

However, having too many keys to your deadbolt lock circulating increases your vulnerability to break-in. If a burglar or another unscrupulous person gets a key to your deadbolt, the chances of a break-in greatly increase. Property owners should re-key deadbolts in situations such as the following:

  • Change of tenants. If you own rental property, you should have your deadbolts re-keyed every time old tenants move out. This protects you from property damage if your former tenants left on bad terms, or if their key falls into the wrong hands. It also protects any future tenants you may have from burglary, home invasion, theft and vandalism.
  • After a break-in. Having your locks re-keyed after a break-in is a reasonable security measure in case burglars stole or have access to a key to your property.
  • In the event of a divorce or break-up. Even if your parting is amicable, rekeying your locks sets appropriate boundaries that may be necessary.
  • Every few years as a security matter, it pays to have your deadbolt locks re-keyed to limit access from misplaced or stolen keys.
  • After an employment shake-up. If you own a business and have employees with keys quit, or were terminated, you need to re-key your deadbolts after they leave to ensure no mischief takes place.

When a locksmith re-keys your deadbolts, he or she will remove the lock’s current pins and insert new ones that match it with a different key. Hiring a professional to complete this job is important, as an improperly re-keyed deadbolt will not work well or at all.

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