How To Get Transponder Keys Cut & Programmed For Less Than The Dealer?

Transponder Key in Phoenix

Transponder keys are a major anti-theft deterrent for many new vehicles, making it nearly impossible to steal a car without access to its key. When vehicle owners lose their transponder keys, it can be quite expensive to get new transponder keys cut and programmed, particularly if they get their dealer to do the work. Locksmiths can provide transponder keys at a significant discount compared to dealer prices for frugal consumers.

In cars sold with transponder keys, the key contains a computer chip. When inserted into the vehicle ignition, the chip sends a signal to a device immobilizing the vehicle ignition, telling the device to allow the vehicle to start. Without that signal, the vehicle will not start.

The use of a transponder key system greatly reduces the ability of auto thieves to steal vehicles. Car theft remains a big problem in many major urban areas. According to FBI crime data, a vehicle is stolen in the U.S. every 23 seconds. Immobilizing the engine and only allowing it to start if the transponder key is present makes stealing cars more difficult and time intensive, even for the best car thieves.

When many vehicle owners lose their transponder keys or wish to have a spare key made, they see their vehicle dealership as the logical choice for the service. They reason that because the transponder key is so specific, only the dealership that sells that brand of vehicle is capable of duplicating or cutting a fresh copy.

This simply isn’t true, and vehicle owners often end up spending much more than they should by using a dealer instead of a locksmith. Unlike old-fashioned car keys that only cost a few dollars to copy, transponder keys can cost hundreds of dollars at a dealership because they are more complicated.

Service departments are major profit centers for auto dealers. Many car lots use the money they make from price markups in their service departments to offset discounts made in their sales departments. As a result, the price a car dealership may charge for cutting and programming a new transponder key may be significantly greater than that charged by a locksmith.

While the cost of having transponder keys cut and programmed will still be greater than that of an old-fashioned car key at a locksmith, the price will be significantly less than what a car dealership would charge to make a duplicate key, sometimes hundreds of dollars less. Skilled Locksmiths have the electronic and mechanical equipment to make a transponder key that will match the ignition immobilizer on your vehicle, making them a valid option for cost-conscious consumers.

Before taking your vehicle to a car dealership for a new transponder key, call your local Locksmith in Phoenix and comparison shop prices. Be sure to inquire whether the locksmith is experienced in working with transponder keys to ensure you find a professional who can handle the job.

In today’s turbulent economy, every dollar you can save counts. By using a qualified locksmith to duplicate to have your transponder keys cut and programmed, you can save significant amounts compared to getting gouged at a car dealership.

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