How To Open Car Locks When Keys Are Lost

How To Open Car Locks in Phoenix

Losing car keys is perhaps the most common problem car owners face everyday. It almost happens like a movie – you’re in rush, can’t find the key in the regular place, ask your kids, they have no idea where they are, you search the whole house and garage, your bag, wallet, purse, shout at the kids, scream at your spouse and even then, the keys are nowhere to be found. At the time this can be frustrating and downright infuriating. It obviously results in you being late for work, kids being late for school and a bad start of the day. Want to know what’s even worse? It’s when you lose the car keys in the middle of the road to some place you are going.

If we had a nickel for every time this happened to us and everyone around us, we’d be very rich by now. But what follows is even more excruciating, as the process of opening car locks when your keys are lost is a time consuming job. Many car owners like the idea of trying to open the car locks by themselves when their keys get lost. There are some methods one can do using everyday tools that could come in handy when trying to open car locks:

  • A good option is using professional lock pick sets that are available in any hardware store. The basic lock pick set carries at least 4 picks and two tension picks. These should be enough to pick any car lock, although it requires skill and a lot of practice.
  • Slim Jims are tools that are used to unlock cars by cops and locksmiths. This flexible, thin and long metal piece can be inserted into a small opening between the rubber seal and the window to manipulate the car lock without hampering the locking mechanism. You need to be very careful while working with Slim Jims, as using it the wrong way could lead to serious injuries to the user.

Here are a few precautions that can be taken to ensure you don’t have to open the car locks without keys:

  • Keep an extra key around. Many car owners forget to have a set of spare keys. Most dealers want you to run to them when you get locked out of the car so they can charge you a hefty sum. Avoid this hassle by calling a Professional Locksmith and getting your car keys duplicated. Make sure to store the spare keys at different places and keep an extra set in your bag.
  • Check all car doors; one of them might be open. People often panic when keys are lost, but the fact is, sometimes the backdoor is still open. This could be your opportunity to save time and money.
  • If the car has a key fob instead of a key, then there is a way to prevent this situation altogether. There are applications available on the market that can track your key fob and give you the exact location. This is relatively expensive software, but they work wonders in such cases. All you need to do is download the app on your android phone and connect it to your key fob.

All things said and done, if your car keys get lost in the middle of the road where no help is available, it will be impossible to track them down, even with a tracker. The best solution to ensure the car locks are opened as soon as possible is to call a licensed and authorized auto locksmith. Locksmiths will help unlock the car, give you a key duplicate if you don’t have one, and program a new key fob, all at a price much lower than your dealer’s. Opening car locks when keys are lost isn’t as easy as online websites make them out to be. In the process of opening your car, you could very well be damaging it. Get help from your locksmith to ensure your car stays safe and secure.

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